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Posted by Hannah Harvey on December 31, 2012 at 9:05 AM

I thought that since I've done my top 10 of 2012, I would do another list (though this one isn't in order) of the top 10 books I'm looking forward to in 2013. These are all books which are going to be released next year, and I'm excited to read them all. 

1. This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

I loved The Statistical Probibillity of Love at First Sight and You Are Here, so I'm really excited to read her newest book.

2. Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt

It's a road trip book, so of course I'm interested in reading this. Even though it has a fairly similar storyline to Lauren Barnholdt's book Two Way Street which I just read, I'm still interested to see what it's like.

3. Catherine by April Linder

I'm currently reading Jane by this author, and I'm liking it so far. I'm interested in these modern day retellings of classics, so although Wuthering Heights is not a book I like a lot, I'm really interested to see how it translates into the modern world.

4. Requiem by Lauren Oliver

I really liked Delirium so even though I haven't gotten around to reading Pandemonium yet, I'm excited for the third book.

5. Flame by Amy Kathleen Ryan

I love the sky chasers series so much, I read Glow and Spark this year and loved them both. The second I finished Spark and went to Amazon and pre-ordered Flame. I'm really excited to read it.

6. Return to Me by Justina Chen Headley

I really loved North of Beautiful and this new novel looks like it'll be really good, so I'm definitely excited to read it.

7. Just One Day by Gayle Forman

This author is a little bit hit and miss for me, I wasn't impressed with If I Stay, but I loved the sequel Where She Went. So I'm interested to see what this new series is like, it sounds good so I'm hoping it'll be good.

8. The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

I love Sarah Dessen's writing, so I'm really looking forward to a new book.

9. Nobody but Us by Kristin Halbrook

I believe this is the first novel my Kristin Halbrook, and it sounds really interesting so I'm looking forward to this one.

10. When you were Here by Daisy Whitney

I've never read anything by this author before, but this book sounds really good so I'm looking forward to reading it.

So those are the top 10 books I'm excited about for the upcoming year, a lot of them are new books by authors I already like, but I do have a couple of new authors I'm looking forward to checking out.

Keep a look out on my blog, because I should have my December Wrap-Up posted soon.

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